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The Pikeman’s Lament: The flames are stamped out!


When I last wrote the Parliamentary horse had been halted by the resolute musketeers in the Royalist centre. It would take the intervention of the company commander to break the impasse. Charging over the remains of the fallen, the horsemen finally broke through.


With only two riders remaining the gallant horsemen careered into the die-hard Royalist horse who were just entering the fray to the rear. Their luck would hold and the Cavaliers were similarly dismissed. But the King’s men had learnt from the experience of many battles. Frantically the crew of a battalion gun trained their piece on the victorious Roundheads….

And at this point fate would take a hand. Within the ranks of the Parliamentary ranks one man stepped forward- calling for an end to tyranny and the rights of the Earth’s toilers- the men were obviously inspired to finish their dirty work. Two volleys decimated the Papist artillery piece

The mention of Papists had a similar effect on the Ulstermen. The King would regret paying for their passage. Volley after volley poured into what was left of the Royalist foot.

The protestations of their discomforted officer were not enough to get the Royalist musketeers to support the final thrust of their pikemen into the village. More Parliamentary horse were approaching on the Fairwater road. The vanguard was lost and the main Royalist army would have to fight to cross at Saint Fagans.image.jpeg

It had been a truly inspiring first game of The Pikeman’s Lament. To conclude, the forces are manageable but you are faced with quite believeable command decisions. If you want troops to risk a volley, or move the more reluctant units, you risk losing the all important initiative. The possibility of special events are a bonus. I did lose my artillery but gained ferocious infantry units! I think the game is eminently scale able but of corse I’m on a budget! But, a few more dragoons wouldn’t hurt…..

join me tomorrow for a Black Powder disguised scenario ( that isn’t that well disguised)

God bless dear reader!

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  1. Ann

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun. 🙂 I also like games where you have to make choices and decisions hat have consequences. Some games feel a bit too much like there is only one obvious path or it is just bunch up in the middle and roll some dice.


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