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Local Events for Local People!

Or some Events & Competitions (not to be missed in 2017).

No sooner than Tim Porter finishes begging me to publicise his events than the West Country is demanding that our movement advertises their shin-digs. A warm welcome is assured, I met some of these reprobates nearly thirty years ago and they never fail to amuse!

The Red Tide hits the West (country)

• March (afternoon & evening set up on Fri 17th) ,18th & 19th – Cold War Commanders – Landjut 2017 – Attack on Jutland 1989 – 6mm modern @ Slimbridge(Tudor Arms) … large two day multi-player game (join us – forces available)

• Saturday April 1st – Society of Ancients Battle Day – Arsuf 1191 AD (Richard Coeur de Lion vs Salah al-Din) many multi-rules, multi-scale participation games, with talks @ Lower Bletchley (non-members welcome)

• Sunday 7th May – Lincombe Barn Table Top Sale – 09.30 to 12.30 – Lincombe Barn Folk House, Overndale Road, Downend, Bristol, BS16 2RW

• May 13th & 14th – 28mm LadG 225pts – Clevedon Wargames Club – Late Medieval (4 games) @ B.I.G @ Bristol

• May 20th & 21st – Future War Commander – Boot Camp – 6mm sci-fi – Berkley Vale Wargames Club @ Slimbridge (Tudor Arms) … multiple scenario games, 1:1 combats and multi-player games (join us – forces available)

• June 17th & 18th – “Cry Havok!” 15mm LadG 200pt Early Medieval @ B.I.G @ Bristol – 5 games (yer right!) – this is something to do with that Colin Cavanagh bloke I gather ( editor’s note: this  was written by Mr. Fry as Colin has ceased communication after “car-gate😗”)

Happier times 2016😫😰

• July 15th & 16th – Attack! : LadG + Flames of War + trade show @ Devizes

• Sunday August 13th – “100 Shades of LadG” – a 100pt 28mm LadG competition (TBC) – Open (4 games) Berkley Vale Wargames Club @ IMPS Avon Show, Thornbury Leisure Centre

• September (afternoon set up on Fri 22nd), 23rd & 24th – Cold War Commanders – Landjut 2017 (continued) 6mm modern – Grimsby … large two day multi-player game

• Virtus 2017 – Firestorm Games December 200 points 28mm t.b.c.

So that’s it for this week- painting furiously to meet February 50 mini minimum! Thanks for reading – I hope to see some of you at the above, look out for the young Brad Pitt lookalike!

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The wild ramblings of an infamous wit and wargames guru. One of nature's true gentlemen who devotes his time to the care of his two sons, i.e. watching episodes of Peppa Pig together, and recreating great moments of military history using toy soldiers. Currently a leading light in The Collectivo Despertaferres wargames and duelling association who meet regularly at Firestorm Games ( formerly Ali Baba's Carpet Warehouse). Find me also on Facebook "Despertaferres"!

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