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Godendag 2017- one man army

After a brief sojourn we were back at the table. Steve Price, winner of Virtus 2016 and the Slimbridge mud snorkelling competition of 1979, would be no easy opponent. We were issued with the necessary colour chart to be forewarned of an imminent explosion. But beside him was the Arch-Druid of the Great  grey road to the South, Tony Horobin. With Steve’s elite legionaries and Tony’s Armenian cataphracts, it would be tough. Steve is famous/infamous for his cautious/elite legion between two pieces of impassable terrain deployment. How would this marry up with the just slightly more mobile “kettle-men”. Our plan? Skirmish against the legions and send all five corps of our valiant horsemen against Tony’s three.

Steve was initially charming ……. And then we saw them, his new weapons of mass destruction. Medium artillery to terrify the horses. But, they could not move and fire, and we could…….

Our eight units of Hun light horse sped towards the Roman lines. We didn’t need to shoot, just delay the carts of war.

” Are you enjoying playing like this?’ Steve asked.
“Yes, Steve we are! Very much so……’ We replied……

Cataphracts are superb infantry killers in L’art de la Guerre but they would be on the same factors as our heavy cavalry. Once the arrows added disruption to the Armenians, our numbers began to tell. Casualties mounted and the Armenians were near total destruction. Steve tried to get his Romans to aid his ally but they weren’t fast enough. If only he had put some horsemen in this particular variant of his Roman mincing machine ……..

The most valuable unit in the Hun army. A single unit of Huns hold back two hundred points of Imperial nastiness!

Two draws in one day, we were ecstatic! Not since challenging the Canton Girl Guides had we done so well.

It was time to get back to Chris Jackson’s billet to start the evening’s celebration! Can you stand the tension of Day two?Coming soon…….


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