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Godendag 2017

“With loss of Eden, till one greater man

Restore us , and regain the blissful seat……”

Look closely at this photo dear friend because here you see how my faith has been restored. When the others sneered and found French unpronounceable, this man, this hollow shell of a man, decided to leave rules with Latin names. He brought his flock to sup at the river of L’art de la Guerre. The weekend at Firestorm Games, Cardiff was an excellent demonstration of toy soldier orientated gaming of the highest order.

Even the most reluctant converts are on board. Even the most numerically challenged can, with constant care, guidance, oversight and warmth, put a legal 406 point Khmer Samurai coalition together in less than five and a half weeks.

We had gone for Sassanids with Hephthalite allies ( along with three other teams!). Rob’s army was almost exclusively Sassanid heavy cavalry bow. My Huns were two corps of mainly medium cavalry archers, with a very useful command of light horsemen. 

Being a wargamer, greatly influenced by method acting, Rob had even had his hair cut in the style of our ancient warriors. After the central organising committee completed the competition draw on Friday night, there would be no sleep in the Ferres household- we would face the Bodley- Scotts in game one.

There was no escape……RBS in game one

We would face the Assyrian Empire, who had cajoled some Medes to ally with them. Richard brought large numbers of spear, some dual armed infantry and a corps of heavy chariots. The Scott gaze descended and three and a half hours of pain began.

But, this was no ordinary game. We had the mobile shooters and Richard formed an infantry square.

My Huns played hide and seek in a wood and all the while Assyrians were accumulating hits….

Having an all mounted army meant that whole corps could move to reinforce as Richard’s chariots charged. The Medes were against my medium cavalry. They had travelled from the other side of the table and allowed Rob’s skirmishers to fall back from a Mede cavalry onslaught. But wait dear reader, a mistake had been made. When calculating the archery exchange, RBS had been counting my horsemen as heavies, not medium elites. Sportingly, Richard demanded that all of the corps were to be given hit markers, as he couldn’t remember which two had definately lost, but two definately had…

The Assyrian chariots were pushing us back but the line was bending not breaking. All the time, the archery was thinning the advancing troops. It would be a draw. The ordeal was over and our army had held together nicely. 

“Though all our glory extinct

And happy state here swallowed up in endless misery”

Game two in the afternoon would be Middle Imperial Rome with Armenean allies. But first the legendary Firestorm salad Dodgers’ fayre…..thank you for reading, more tomorrow after my counselling session.


  1. mark

    Wonderful weekend – organisation splendid – company convivial – gaming intense – venue warmer than Virtus and very accomodating (but still no decaffe coffee!) – LadG the set of rules for the gaming in-crowd …
    Well done Colin (formally known as Prince) on drums, Andy Unwin (“Umpire!”) on lead guitar and Mr Baldwin on vocals.
    PS: can we get Nigel one of those RSPCA ‘thinking’ dogs to help him with his army lists for next year please?

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  2. mark

    Not sure about shooty Byzantine lancers being the future … not in 28mm anyway … I got hammered by Mr Price using his “what more Legionaries & are those really 3 medium catapults I see?” Late Roman army a couple of Mondays ago … you need things to shoot at (that will die) or to charge at with shooty Byzantine lancers …

    Now Elephants …. that’s a totally different kettle of fish … best I’ve managed to get so far in a list at 200pts is 5 Elite Elephants … but it is humanly possible to get 9 jumbos and 2 of those have artillery mounted on them and 3 (others) are Elite! But 9 elephants in 28mm is a lot of cash & painting … hmmm … where’s the nearest £pound shop???

    What I really am looking for is an army with Hvy Knights, Elephants and medium catapults … any thoughts on a postcard please.
    Or maybe the answer is Hussite War Wagons … but I’ve said that previously, on this very forum, and been scoffed at.

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