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Godendag- Runners and Riders, the lost and the lonely….

What started out as just a few friends meeting in a discreet hotel has now blossomed into something altogether different. Like the Foreign Legion before it, Godendag has attracted young ( and not so young) men to the field of combat. I present to you the list choices of our miniature battle protagonists. Much thought and much angst has gone into their list creation. Much bile and much discussion will flow over the composition of said heresies. My thanks as always to the God like Genius who has wrestled manfully with the following;

Team 1. Gordon Jamieson and Dave Allen: Greco-India and Classical Indian ( Mauryan)

A team to watch due to the previous performance of both these “players”. Just how many elephants can you fit into 400 points?

“Team” 2. Nigel Poole: Chinese Northern Dynasties and Chiang/Ti

Just because he started writing lists doesn’t mean we are quite there yet. 402 points at moment and just eight cataphracts too many but we are definately making progress……

Slight altercation as Nigel changes his list yet again at Virtus 2016

Team 3. Andy Finkel and Clive McLeod: Hephthalite Hun and Sassanids.

The first of a very popular combination at Godendag 2017.

Team 4. Peter Webb and David Saunders: Sassanid and Hephthalite.

Not to be confused with the above lists.

Team 5. Rob James and Myself: Sassanids and Hephthalites

This is getting silly!

Team 6. Andy Claxton and Steve Taylor- Early Imperial Romans and Ancient British

Not an army combination for the faint hearted nor the defensive minded! And not a Persian in sight!

Team 7. The legendary Philip Mackie and Ralph Ashdown: Aramean and Assyrian Empire

Who needs shooty cavalry when you have go-carts?

Team 8. Chris Richards ( no relation) and Bryan Edwards-  list 120 Chinese N and South Dynasties with a Chiang and Ti side.

A second appearance for this combo. Will the daggermen prevail?

Team 9. Mark ‘the librarian’ Fry and the much admired Andy ‘ Spanish anecdote’ Unwin- Alexander the Great and Classical Indians.

Watch these two, that’s all I’m saying. The word in Berkely furze market is that Mark has an army that will knock Horobin off the top painter pedastal.

Tony Horobin celebrates Virtus painting victory last December

Team 10. Mark Clarke and Richard Walker- Early Carthage and Sicilian Geeks.

Don’t be fooled by his boyish charm, Clarkey is a wargames assassin!

Team 11. Tony Horobin and Steve Price- Late Imperial Romans and Armenians.

It’s hard to ignore these two veteran prize stealers but you really must try!

Team 12. Richard Young and Charles Masefield- Late Imperial Romans with Franks.

Now this is a man’s choice!

Team 13. Don McHugh and Steve Hacker- Alexander the Great and Classical Indians.

The wargames tale is that Don was once found alone on Weston Pier in tears. When asked the reason, Don replied that he no more trophies to win ………can the legends be stopped from filling their Respective Argos trophy cabinets with more Welsh gold?

Team 14. Howard Grey and Philip Forshaw- Greco-Indians and Kushans.

A devilish combo of Easterners- list highly rated by Wargames Sensei Mark Fry.

Team 15. Nik Sharp and Dave Handley- Late Romans and Armenians.

This combo was a killer in DBM. Can Messrs. Sharp and Handley breathe life into a classic?

Team 16. Patrick Dale and Chris Ager- Ostrogoths and Gepids.

Let’s see how shooty cavalry types deal with this lot?

Team 17. Tim Porter and Adam Worsdale- Early Imperial Rome with Judean Jewish ( plus friends)

Wargames legend Tim will always draw a crowd

Team 18. Colin “don’t speak” Cavanagh and Chris ” points are just a guideline” Jackson.- Alexander the Great and Classical Indians.

Health warning- if either of these two players start to change colour or steam, please contact a member of staff immediately.

Chris explains to a newbie how a sideways move to contact is not considered a charge!

Team 19. Andy Whitby and Brian O’Dea – Sassanids and Kushans.

The kings of West Country cool return to do battle. Once known as the Wham of Clevedon, these boys play as good as they look!

Team 20. The Bodley Scott clan- Assyrian Empire and Medes

How you will laugh when taking these Fellahs on! Nevermind the bad language, the offensive references to deliberate poor measuring or demands for rerolls. Laugh as your parentage is questioned. Snigger as your educational background is criticised. The game will only last three and a half hours but the experience will stay with you for ever. It wouldn’t be Godendag without him!

Young Thomas Bodley Scott protests that Trump is a “quitter”

So, that’s it. A cast of names that are sure to make the weekend a blast. Doors open at 9:00 am on Saturday. Colin will be waiting to register competitors upon arrival. After a brief intro we hope to start pushing toys around from 9:30. Three and a half hours takes us to one o clock lunch. Ideally we will be commencing afternoon play at a quarter to two. Visitors are most welcome , especially those with relevant medical or police training. I for one can’t wait!

Crowds form in car park Virtus 2016



  1. mark

    Dear Auntie Mike

    I am surprised that nobody has gone for the ultimate killer combo of Sumer & Akkad (No.1) with Ancient Bedouin ally (No.17) – but it is a hardy pair of veteran gamers that can handly this cunning combination of 24 x Heavy Spearmen (mediocre) plus 16 x Medium Camels (bow) with 4 x HCH’s and 4 x Light Camels (bow) to give it a bit of variety!!!

    My 25 year old Humbrol painted Elephants are looking forward to the weekend …
    NB: I should have put money on the number of Sassanid+Hephthalitic Hun combo’s ;+)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Can I just thank you for your tireless work in checking this lot. It’s only Nigel “the Jam” Poole to straighten out and it’s all downhill to a weekend of toy soldier rivalry. Please make sure that Unwin is with a responsible adult at all times!


  2. mark

    Maybe we could devise a Worst Doubles Combo on another occation … who can field the worst possible doubles armies combo, with the cunning idea of making everybody play with other peoples armies ;0))
    A sort of Worst of the Worst affair … I think it has merit????

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why don’t we ask a certain forest dwelling gentleman to scrawl random letters and numbers on a piece of toilet paper……oh wait….hang on a minute, that’s been done! Are you up for a historically themed one Dayer next. I thought to hire BIG in Bristol and call it El Cid (er)😛


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