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Cold Turkey

“As senior rooster ’round here, it’s my duty, and my pleasure, to instruct junior roosters in the ancient art of roostery”

Well we are in the New Year and like everyone else in my orbit I’m skint. Not just , ” if asked by a beggar by the cash point -skint” or even, ” when asked by the wife -skint”. Today, dear friends I stand before you, “proper skint”. But as always, we have a plan, the Tercio Despertaferres Movement invite you to join our 2017 ” non-judgemental” New Year trimming of the sails. This is not quite the advertised Cold Turkey but “we” are in a jam and “you” are going to get us out……

Step One- Is there anything in your possession that can be sold? This a tricky one as no sooner have you sold the merchandise, some swine will suggest that we play again. Top of my ponder list is Bolt Action? Good system, great models but it seems to be out of favour with my pals. For the price of a new ruleset I would be able to at least play with my Americans. I may even get round to finishing those cartoon Germans that were last year’s must-have. The verdict? Don’t buy the rules until I have painted those Germans. 

Flames of War I hear you ask? Too much money spent on the artistry of Paul Cummins and Dave Sheppard to get rid. Version Four of the rules is just around the courier and it may be the shot in the arm that the system needs. More figure at the painters already so the scope for economising is minimal. 

15mm ancients and medievals I hear you shout? Sad to say but a great many old friends amongst this lot and they are in regular use? The plan is to finish enough new figures to finish off incomplete armies. Hundreds of Norman types to be painted so that means no further purchases necessary until backlog clears. Fifteen bases of ECW on the painting table.

I do miss Flames of War!

Napoleonics is of course very hot at the moment. I’ll publish pictures of my first three battalions this weekend. The purchase of miniatures from Brigadegames in the US was an expensive detour. Beautiful miniatures but three of the dragoons have have locks that I can’t see how to replace and another three came with swords that had to be replaced. Oh dear! I’ve got Blucher and all the cards. “Over the Hills” appeared over the Christmas! No more spending needed here.

Stage Two. Do what you enjoy. I can honestly say that I now actually enjoy painting. Compared to drink or divorce it is of course quite cheap.

Painting with a friend could of course be grounds for divorce!

Stage three

Can I avoid buying more “stuff” I hear you clamour? It’s going to be tough! Can I convince myself that I have enogh metal already? I am going to try, all the above seems more than enough to be getting on with. The other vow that I have made to myself is that I will never play anymore games against the uber-competitive, the ill-mannered , nor the chronically negative so my dance card may be shortened😗I would like to thank Louen for this decision.

Will this mean more time spent on other things like your family? No, I’m just aiming to save money not change the habits of a lifetime.

New ventures? Battlefield and museum visits have been almost completely absent for the last two or three years, so these will return to the calendar. Will I be taking my loot to Salute 2017? To be decided…….


I cycled to work today. As I passed the coughing tramps and come hither looks of Cardiff’s riverside community, one must remind oneself that I’ve saved another £3.80 train fare , plus I don’t have to pretend to be asleep when the work colleagues clamber aboard. Life is good and if you are mobile and have your health and family why what could possibly go wrong? Happy New You dear friends😖



  1. Louen

    Ah, but you should know wargamers/collectors like us can never really stop buying more tin & plastic, or the newest rulebook, which may just satisfy that certain itch.

    I’m not sure whether that was a ‘Thank You’ or a ‘Curse You’ 😉


  2. mark

    What you need is to attend a Table Top Sale – hire a table & plonk all of your unwanted toot on it.
    You’d be amazed at what other gamers will buy off you if it’s a a resonable price matey. I sold a load of plastic toy WW2 soldiers last year and made a young man (of at least 50) very happy.
    But even a Table Top Sale requires planning and that time-consuming chore of going through all the old boxes of stuff. But it is worth it … it clears the junk out providing more space and also adds cash to the kitty.

    I have over invested in so much Foundry figures over the years – on the basis that like most other good figure manufacturers they were bound to go to the wall sooner or later – that I can probably set up a small figure shop! They lie unpainted in boxes in The Cupboard … all dreaming away (do toy soldiers dream of electric sheep I hear you ask? maybe not).

    Do I ditch all those assorted Samuria figures I bought adhoc off eBay with the idea of playing Ronin?
    What about the 28mm Sci-Fi scirmish figures bought for the ‘campaign that didnt happen’ – you know the one (don’t mention Border Reivers at Slimbridge or you’ll find your head down the toilet bowl!).

    Like you I faced the usual New Years dilemma of so much to do, so little time … the call of Godendag (15mm ancients needing rebasing) and PAWs (another 28mm LadG army to trial); the hugely fun Slimbridge Cowboy game has made a reappearance – so i really must get painting my Nolan (sisters) Gang – then there is more Frostgrave and also the need to paint up an entire Danish Armoured Infantry Division in 6mm for the Slimbridge Cold War Commander weekend event … so what I am short of is TIME … where does that precious stuff go.

    Flames of War … I am still not convinced … Book 4 might actually be the final nail in the coffin for me.
    All those Finns that need painting may just have to go. I should rationalise – stick with just 1 army in each of the 3 periods – it would stave off the cravings and I could just sell everything else … who needs 3 mid-war para armies anyway (US, Brits, FJ + FJPs) … madness pure madness (oh yes … there is an unpainted mid-war Eastern Front Italian para somwhere in the cupboard as well.

    But let’s face it getting rid of toys is harder than almost anything else … the week after you’ve sold them some use for them occurs … I just need to win the lottery, retire and then I will have the time I need.

    Happy New Year to you & all

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    • We are, as always, in your great debt! If any youngsters (under 35s) are reading this- just put down your crack cocaine and follow this advice!
      The management


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