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Godendag 2017 – The Great Muster!

No sooner than we have packed up our toys from Virtus 2016, it’s time to dust down our 15mm armies for the old classic wargames get together, Godendag L’art de la Guerre Doubles. Be sure to book quickly because we are already having to lay on more tables to cope with the demand. Tickets and details are of course on the Firestorm Games events page. Beware, Nigel Poole is already on his third inadmissible list. Army lists to myself , on Armybuilder if possible.

Tickets bought by;

1 – Gordon Jamieson

2 – Nigel Poole

3 – Andy Finkel

4 – Peter Webb

5 – Rob James and the Despertaferres Display Team

6 – Andy Claxton

7 – Philip Mackie

8 – Chris Richards

9 – Mark Fry

10 – Mark Clarke

11 – Tony Horobin

12 – Richard Young

13 – Donald McHugh

14 – Howard Grey

15 – Nik Sharp

16 – Patrick Dale

17 – Tim Porter

18.- Richard Bodley Scott/ H Shipman

 Please hurry! You won’t regret it!*

*in the case of actually regretting this purchase, the organiser can on no account be held responsible😡




    • Roger that. I ‘d kept you a place! Your entry fee( not Chris’) will of course be returned as an esteemed member of the organising subcommittee😗


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