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Virtus 2016 The Heroes and Villains

The results from Virtus 2016

Points score after player name

First Place. Steve ” the sledgehammer” Price 305 

Second place: Steve Hacker 303 

Third Place :David Allen 295 

4th Whitby, Andrew 291 

5th McHugh, Don 277 

6th Dennis, John 271 

7th Unwin, Andrew 263 

8th Barr,Craig 245 

9th Young , Richard 239 

10th Claxton , Andy 223 

Burton, Paul 222 

Walker, Richard 215 
Bolam, Paul 213 

Fry Mark,    211 Most sporting award

Churchill, James 208 

Dale, Patrick 205 

Cavanagh, Colin 180 

 Jamieson, Gordon 177 

Horobin, Tony 176 Best Painter and dressedBodley Scott, Richard 167 

Poole, Nigel 165 

Mainwaring, Mark 158 Highly Commended Painting

 Clarke, Mark 154 

Jackson, Chris 144 

James ,Rob 141 

Broadstock, Ross 136 under investigation for tardy timekeeping, constant moaning, dwarf legionaries and “creative accountancy” at the cafe? 

Mackie Philip 136 

Gilbert Andy 85

I do hope to see you all next year. Full steam ahead now for Godendag in January. If you are looking for armylists then these will be appearing shortly. Goodbye and thank you all from Cardiff! Adios, until we meet again……..


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