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Virtus 2016, competitors who don’t know how to spell the word “defeet”

To be in the company of such men is humbling. Was it James ‘the Monk’ Mattis who said, ” the most important 28mms on a wargames table is between your ears. ” They came from near and far to do battle in Virtus 2016, and they are very special….


Tony Horrobin is definitely “special”

Going into the last round it’s the climatic clash of Unwin versus Hacker. Steve has a wealth of experience and expertise. Andy is the umpire and has the send a glass eye to sleep. On table two, Colin ” don’t speak” Cavanagh is taking on Big Don McHugh. To us younger players this is indeed, wargaming of the highest standard.

Unwin unpicks the Greek shieldwall in round three, with his legendary “through the orchard” manouvre!

By four o’clock it will be all over for another year. The competition has been a brilliant experience. A big thank you to all our attendees, it has been uplifting. If you are in any doubt at all about joining us next year, then cast those doubts aside. Next year we are going for fifty players! Join us on a non-stop roller coaster of tabletop excitement at Virtus 2017! And don’t forget we are back here at Firestorm Games for Godendag 15mm L’art de la Guerre competition in the January. Look in the “pages” on the left hand side for the prestigious award ceremony photo-shoot. My thanks to Colin, Mark Fry and Andy for all their help and good cheer!

Colin calls time on Virtus 2016. Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. It was a smashing weekend and I have now played twice as many games as I had played before the weekend! Quite a learning curve so thanks to all my opponents for their patience. Merry Christmas to you all and see you in January with another new army!

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  2. Louen

    Glad to hear Virtus was such a success!

    Is there a way to get a hold of the army lists used at the tournament?
    It would be usefull as inspiration and guidelines for new players.

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    • Really enjoyed it. Colin is going to send me the final results and then I’ll post all the army lists. Madaxeman’s site is an excellent source, try the ADLG wiki!


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