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Virtus 2016 – Runners and Riders

Don’t you just love the sound of deadlines as they pass by? It’s been likened to herding cats but we finally have the twenty nine contestants and we know which army they intend to bring. There are still three lists to be submitted but one of those is the Umpire so we had best move on….

We never did find these figures!

Late Romans and Byzantines are definately favourite this year. However, the composition of the Romans at least does vary considerably. Shooty cavalry have also featured in two Persian lists, including one particularly unsavoury one…..

No expense spared for top rules writer, H Shipman

Impetuous foot are also a trend. I do hope our top team of rules officials can cope. With no further ado, we have;

Richard Young: no.9 Assyrian Empire and Sargonid

Andy “the Guvnor” Claxton: no.87 Patrician Roman

Don McHugh: no.128 Nikephorian Byzantine

Steve Hacker no.54 Early Carthage

Chris “international man of mystery” Jackson no.40 Alexander the Not so Great

Colin ” local man of mystery” Cavanagh no.128 Nikephorian Byzantine

Rob ” throat grabber” James no.150 Viking and Leidang

Tony Horobin no.86 Late Romans

Philip Mackie no. 193 Ghaznavid

Mark “deadlines don’t apply to Royalty” Clarke no 137 Mithriditic Swiss Army knife

Mark Fry no. 181 Italian Communal (Papal) with Nikephorian allies


Andy Gilbert no.55 Carthage (query on generals)

Craig Barr no.112 Classical Greece (Theban)

Andrew “dice-gate” Whitby no.64 Archaemenid Persian

Dave Allen no.44 Pyrrhic

Gordon ” the impaler” Jamieson no. 87 Patrician Romans

Paul Bolam no.133 North African Arabs

Andy ” the gypsy” Unwin no.40 Alexander and his Indian chums- under investigation

Always great to see the umpire win a prize…..

Nigel ” Forrest ways” Poole – Hindu elephant list with possibly 189, 196 or 234 army points. Still some “tinkering” needed!

Mark Mainwaring’s no. 150 Vikings

John Dennis no. 86 Late Romans

Paul Burton no.40 Alexander the Third

Ross ” who needs to look at the rules” Broadstock no.86 Late Romans

Steve “I will not be rushed” Price no46 Greco-Bactrian list to be finalised in January. List still being amended by competitor.

Patrick ” a real man’s army” Dale no.91 Dacians and Carpi

Richard Walker no.128 Not another bloody Nikephorian Bloody Byzantine!

James Churchill and his naked men in no.30 Myceneans in baby oil( oops gloss varnish)

Richard Bodley ” the right Royal rajah of Usk” Scott same army as last year, a few dodgy mixed formation inf and tons of shooty horse. No. 64 Archameanie Persian

Michael Despertaferres And the last and possibly the worst generalled late roman army of Virtus 2016. Godlike Genius Mr. M Fry will be checking this one to ensure fairness. The most outrageous list submitted will of course be receiving the “Chris Jackson Creative accountancy” award.

Absolutely brilliant to see so many contestants. Looking forward to Saturday at 9:30 for the battles to commence. If you are in Cardiff why not drop in and say hello? Colin will be working out the drawer as you read – remember you heard here first on Despertaferres.

Colin will be beavering away as we sleep…..



  1. Mark

    Well, I could always change my list to my beloved C15th Serbian if that helped cut down the number of Nikaphorian Byzantines Mike … or maybe I could (genuinely) switch to that Papal Communal Italian (you know … the one with the … “Nikaphorian Byzantine Allies!” yes, yes, yes, I’ll get my coat …)

    Wait … what about my game changing Hussites??? oh go onnnnnnnn pleeeese!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mark

    remember Colin – Mike uses all his fingers and toes to count – hence the ‘odd’ number !!!


  3. mark

    PS; what happened to Colins sly comment about Mike not being able to count & there only being 29 players? (as refered to in my witty post above … now completely out of context!)?


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