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Cardiff Wargames

I wish I was the sort of person who was described by others as “organised”. You can spot these people. They invariably beam with delight as you can’t remember the time or even the day. The “organised” person has charts and sends reminders. Well to my great concern, I found at the back of my drawers a notebook that contained my list of projects for 2013. In the week beginning January 7th, I was painting Spanish Napoleonics, basing African javelinmen and finishing Union troops for a upcoming battle at the “club”. In the post were six Wespes for Flames of War. Well, three years later, was I any nearer completing any of these projects. My regular reader knows the answer…..

Why this preamble is sort of relevant is that an old acquaintance texted and proposed a game. I mentioned that we should meet more regularly like in the long lost days of 2013. His reply got me thinking, ” clubs are old hat now, it’s just a group of mates.” Now I came late to Wargames clubs and the experience has been mixed to say the least. For many years I played in Newport, South Wales and that gave me a group of friends whom I still in contact with. A search for Cardiff wargames on google gets you huge numbers of pictures from this blog. As far as I know, the principality’s capital city does not have a large historical wargames club. It does have the amazing Firestorm Games, my second home, and it does have a population of over three hundred thousand. My question is, does it need a historical wargaming club?

The plan is to advertise here what my small group of pals play and see if we can’t entice some more players to join us. If you are below the age of forty, Ross has started a Facebook page ” Cardiff Wargames pickup”, that has been described as Grindr for those interested in toy soldiers! Despertaferres also has its own Facebook page, strangely enough entitled “Despertaferres” so please take a look.

My areas of interest are; 

Ancient and Medieval; L’art de la Guerre and occasionally D.B.A. 

Renaissance; Warlord’s Pike and Shotte. Planning to adapt L’art de la Guerre to this too

Horse and Musket; Maurice, Blucher, Tomohawks and Musket, plus Black Powder

World War Two; Bolt Action and Flames of War

It’s not an impressive list when seen in black and white but hopefully our repertoire will grow. We host two Wargames competitions each year and the plan is to put on even more. I hope very much that you will get in touch if you are able.

2017 in Cardiff, what could go wrong?

All the best

Mike B

Join us next time for the latest on Virtus 2016- the deadline for entries is tomorrow!

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  1. James C

    Is it sad that I recognise both the church and the half timbered buildings – they’re from an old railway modellers range! For even further sadness my interests include, Ancients (WAB – EIR, Carthage and Assyria), DBM 15mm – Carthage, LADG – Crusaders, Mycenaen and Romano Brits), ECW (Pike and Shotte – Irish and Royalist), 15mm Samurai, 15mm Renaissance Spanish, 15mm Wars of Roses, 15mm ECW, 15mm US-Mexican War 1848 (Mexican), Three Musketeers (En Garde), ACW (BlackPowder and Longstreet Confederate), Bolt Action (Japanese), FOW (15mm Desert Rats), Irish WoI, Fate of a Nation (15mm Egyptian) and quite a lot of Sci-Fi and Fantasy kit that I will get me banned from here if I mention it

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