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Blucher week two- la misere y a autorise l’indiscipline!

“Misery gave way to indiscipline”

Well it’s the second week of my new favourite army, Napoleon’s Armee d’Italie. I think it was my wargaming sensei Rob James who gently told me that I did not have enough years to collect and paint a Napoleonic wargames army. Well, if you remember the plan was to use Sam Mustafa’s excellent Blucher rules but with each unit representing a Demi-brigade i.e. the small scale. Every wargamer needs a project but it is interesting , I hope, to see how a project morphs. Taking on board the kind reminder of Mr. James, I had a rethink. If I did 1796 then you still get the excitement and glitter of this fascinating period but, the troop types are less diverse and I can concentrate on the standard Demi-brigades, both line and legere at a rate of knots. Apologies to Sam for my effort to get started on an armylist below. As always please comment or go to my Facebook page “Despertaferres” if you would like to contribute, it really would be appreciated.

The Army d’Italie, Early War 1796

Army Stats.

“Seperate to live, unite to strike” Napoleon often used a four corps structure; advance guard, left, right and the reserve.

Minimum number of corps =three

Maximum number of corps= four

Maximum subcommanders three. I include Berthier as inseparable from Bonaparte and giving the commander in chief his “staff work” attribute in game terms.

Bonaparte; “how he moves! He is a hero, a giant, a magician!” (Suvorov!)

Thirty army points. Legend- When he commands, army morale is calculated as half of the infantry and cavalry units.


Jean Lannes; rising star and future Marshall-

Ten army points. Inspiring

Joachim Murat;

Fifteen army points. Cavalry, inspiring.

Andre Massena; the dear child of victory

Fifteen army points. Vigorous.




Pierre Augereau; “plenty of character, courage, firmness, actually is inured to war; is well liked by the soldiery”

Ten army points. Hero
Auguste Marmont;

Five army points. Artillery

Artillery Units

Three field artillery,

One horse artillery.

All infantry units may have battalion guns attached for two army points each.

Artillery Ammo       5-4-4-3-2-2

Additional, the drivers at this time were hired drivers. To move an artillery unit costs an additional MO.

Unit display: French Units

Up to Two Combined Grenadier infantry: 18 army points, 7 combat value. Skirmish, steady and shock

Up to six Elite Infantry: line and legere, 16 army points, 7 combat value. Skirmish

At least four Ligne and legere Demi-brigades, 12 army points, 6 combat value. Skirmish

Up to four conscripts: 10 army points, 6 combat value. Skirmish. Conscript and impetuous

Up to four Irregular/ Provisional formations: 8 army points, 5 combat value. Skirmish.

Up to two light cavalry: ten army points, 6 combat value( Hussars or Chasseurs a Cheval)
Up to two Dragoons: 11 army points, 6 combat value. Shock

So, the next step is to borrow die Kaiser’s laptop to make the cards. Painting going slowly but I’m aiming to get three units done by next weekend. Figure count so far? Three!


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