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Longstreet- local assistance?

As I approach my fiftieth year, I must try to be more accepting. One game of Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet and I was crest fallen. It was the third time I had seen a swamp appear in the card driven mechanism in successive games I had viewed. The troops looked too like blocks rather than lines. And those cards……it wasn’t for me.Many years a go I similarly dismissed motorbikes, computers and the music of anybody without a crew cut. How wrong I was in so many areas. Always anxious not to cause offence, I do find it matters greatly who you are playing with ( so to speak). If your first experience with a ruleset is that of accompanying a complete loon with only a vague understanding of the new system then you have only yourself to blame. This time I would be partnering dyed in the wool redkneck, Chris against John ‘the fireball’ Gallacher, ably advised my Mr. Laughter himself, James C.

JohnG of course is famous in Westside Cardiff for his purely, almost exclusively, defensive mindset. Not for him, the mad dash to the front, nor even a step forward. No. John lined up his central battery and measured one centimetre in from the back table edge, he deployed his three regiments.

Meanwhile, Chris was looking up the rules for close combat! I would take the left wing and refuse the wing. An infantry regiment echeloned to the rear, with a cavalry regiment in reserve. Chris was salivating, two regiments in double ranks aimed like a dagger at the heart of the rebel lines. JohnG sat there impassively…….

James sat there like Putin next to Assad. He would be directing the guns. Under cover of the battery, the Confederate right moved forward to probe my defences. John looked on unmoved, what was he thinking……

In order to move you have to put down cards. That much I remembered, but to fire that could be augmented by such lovelies as repeating rifles.

The Southern lines were taking a hammering. James pressed on while the commander in chief sat sage-like on the baseline, ready to pounce like Trump on ………well anything really?😜

Look at the fleshy little arms at the right of the above picture, Chris was about to make his move. Not for Chris, a steady advance, firing on the way. The bayonet would settle this. John saw his chance. He outnumbered the attacker, he had the advantage of higher ground and had the Union attackers disrupted. Yes, it was time to …………erm……..

It was time to move forward and then retreat a little bit……Generals are forged in the fire and brimstone of such titanic clashes…The clash, when it came would be settled by James’ flanking regiment.

Our advance had run out of steam on the right but, my Union horsemen were perhaps surprisingly effective against the reb infantry on our left. James was nearly run off the table but our army was spent. With a high die roll, added to our heavy losses, it was all over. I absolutely love Sam Mustafa’s approach. The rules are a delight to read, everything is basic and readily understandable. The cards are works of art and the element of surprise is retained throughout the game. I’m not sure I like the way the cards seem to draw your attention away from the table though. Big Tony has threatened to organise the campaign for this but I think Fire and Fury or Blackpowder are still favourite for big multiplayer battles. John just looked on as we packed away, thanks to all……


  1. Agree with your comments re Longstreet being an excellent game and Black Powder is eminently suitable for the large multiplayer games. Hope to get my federals back into action in both types of game. Having said that are there any plans for Tuesday evening or will your “Carpet Baggers” be resting?

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    • Which BP supplement is the new one? If you mean the ACW one, the answer is yes, I bought it at Salute way back in April. Incidentally it came courtesy of a £25 Warlord Games voucher from Wargames Illustrated. I don’t have an 15mm figures for LADG at present although I have a large bag of medieval that need to be sorted and then painted at some time in the future. Have tried to put that off until my second Austrian Brigade is ready for the field. Oh and I have finished the bases on my SAGA Vikings.

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      • See you there, will be interesting to give it a try. May even finish my Late Roman 200 points in 25mm. All grizzeled veterans as the last ones were bought in 1976. So even the youngest have chalked up 40 years service.


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