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Acoustic Shadow

Do you ever experience the sensation of knowing vaguely where your wargames army is but you are not quite sure what they are doing? Welcome to the world of Tercio Despertaferres. The battle was Seven Pines from our old favourite, the 1862 Peninsula campaign. It was said that General Johnston couldn’t hear the din of battle from two and a half miles away but nervous onlookers were aware that the usual reprobates were locked in a Fire and Fury classic.

Notice how Mr Horrobin had made these discrete but unobtrusive unit markers. Here the inexperienced Casey, played by the very experienced M Baldwin, made a stalwart defence of the abatis and breastwork.

Longstreet kept the pressure on but a steady trickle of union reinforcements kept the defence intact despite Wurzel’s brigade collapsing.
The Southerners attempted to flank the union position and sized Fair Oaks station. The union too threw in a division to the East. Day one ended with marginal Confederate gains but the Seven Pines crossroads was still controlled by the Federals.

A great afternoon of gaming and a close run thing! Tony is intending to stage a monthly campaign for Longstreet at Firestorm so if you are interested just post! One more week of holidays left and at least three games yet to write up, stay tuned for more dismal tactics and offensive remarks


Mike B



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