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Michael Potter

What a great phrase is “to potter”. Nothing can be finer than just having time to finish all those little jobs. I can’t take claim for Prospero’s brushwork but I did attach the flag! My wife perhaps unkindly pointed out that Richard III was a Christmas present over eight year’s ago!

My older readers may recognise this next one? A knight of Dol Amroth from the superb first range of Citadel’s Lord of the Rings range. Now he is a knightly general for my medieval Spaniards.

Purists will also have to look away at these next two photos. They are actually Foundry Vikings that I bought years ago to represent the mounted Varangian guard. No need for mounted Scandinavians in L’art de la Guerre so axes removed they will now represent Fifth century Germans (sorry!)

Also in my 28mm “various” box were these two, a Berber drummer who got left out of my recent reorganisation and a Russian commander that I just had to have when I was contemplating a Early Russian army. Below is the Varangian commander rebased.

That was the first week of the holidays. Believe it or not, my late Roman army is also nearly finished. That should be done by the end of next month at this rate. I also based and flagged ( if that is indeed a word), my Royalist pikes for L’art de la Guerre Renaissance. 

Two weeks of painting and I’m over the barren spell of paint aversion. Next post will be the details of Virtus 2016. Thanks for reading and apologies for riding rough shod through history but I do love the miniatures!


    • I love the chunky Front Rank figures. A gentleman called Prospero painted these two for my birthday a few years ago. So pleased I finally got round to basing and attaching flag, God I’m lazy sometimes! When I ‘Lloyd get around to his army, I don’t know!
      Just under coated my French for Lasalle thanks to you!


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