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Dig the New Breed

In our never ending quest to bring you the very best writing from hungry young writers, today we bring you the words of Mark Fry. He is without doubt one of the finest wargaming writers found within eight miles of Aust services. His challenge to the Despertaferres readership is ” what is the single most desirable unit in L’art de la Guerre?” His idea, a warwagon pulled by an elephant!

Here you go Mike, I couldnt find a picture of Frederick II Holy Roman Emporer’s Elephant pulling a Carroccio in triumph into Cremona after the battle of Cortenuova.

But I found this quote.

After the failure of the negotiations between the Lombard cities, the pope and the imperial diplomats, Frederick invaded Lombardy from Verona. In November 1237 he won the decisive battle in Cortenuova over the Lombard League. Frederick celebrated it with a triumph in Cremona in the manner of an ancient Roman emperor, with the captured carroccio (later sent to the commune of Rome) and an elephant.

Have fun mate


So, there you have it. Will the figure manufacturers follow Mark’s yearnings ? I for my part, would like a model of the tree in which the grand masters of the Teutonic Order fought from in the closing stages of the Battle of Tannenberg  ( Grunwald to anyone from East Anglia!) I’m thinking cover from bonfire and shade from the sun? Plus one in anyone’s book?

Keep the ideas coming and remember the units aren’t restricted to Ancients and Medieval. Below we have an idea for a Union standard bearer from a Mr. D. L. Travis….

Please note that those other contributors will also be getting their chance of wargaming fame. This is less to do with a change of editorial policy but rather my loving wife showed me how to photograph an email!

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