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Guilded Revolutionaries

Well we are that stage again, the wargamer’s new pet project. It is of course Napoleon in Italy and Prospero has once again come up trumps. As usual I still am deliberating on rules and therefore basing. I was confident with the command groups so went ahead with 60mm squares and circles. This minute’s favourite ruleset is Sam Mustafa’s Lassale. I’ve played and enjoyed Blucher but in 28mm scale I can’t take seriously a twenty four figure “regiment”. So, I want formations to count and also battalions to be represented. Lassale appears to tick all the boxes but the next complication is that I’ve sent for the petite Eureka French who look quite sparse on a 60mm base, so I may break my basing system and go for 50mm. Your thoughts on rules and basing would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime I leave you with photos of David’s work, I think you will be as impressed as me……

 See you at Devizes! Thanks as ever for reading!


  1. Colin C

    I use 60 x 40 for my bases, rach base has 6 figures on and represents a company so a french battalion has 36 figs. My British are the same so again 36 figs to a btn


    • Colin C

      None yet, read through the dowloadsble bits and want to try them. Ralph has the rules on PDF and his going to pass me a copy but his not been to club for a bit so I’ll probably buy my own set

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    • You sir are a gentleman! Thanks very much! Have you got a favourite set?j looks brilliant, I will definately buy the book now or pay for the Pdf


      • Colin C

        Books out of print, i now own PDF if I get a chance next week I’ll print an extra copy


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