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What could possibly go wrong?

Well it’s the quiet after the most amazing month I have ever experienced. I head towards the Summer holidays with mixed emotions about what has happened. True, Britain is heading out of the EU. The Wales football team is on scorching form. Cameron has gone and Labour looks to be in its death throes. Most importantly, after some of the most depressing weeks of my entire life, I’m free once again to drone on about our passion for miniature wargames figures…….

Fire and Fury is back in a big way. We played a massive game back in June. If you are free on August Bank holiday why not come and join us at Firestorm Games? The rules are great and simple to learn. But most importantly, with the tiniest bit of help from Colin, I was able to turn back the Grey sledgehammer wielded by Chris X.
L’art de la guerre goes from strength to strength. The above wars of the roses collection belong to Steve Porter (no relation). Great brushwork from the silent assassin. Devises is just two weeks away and I still haven’t finished my Late Romans…….oh dear

My plan is to go as late as possible for Virtus 2016 and that means really late. These minis are going to take ages to paint but I love them…..Lead Adventure from Germany

My own games of LADG have been dreadful. I did manage to crush JonG with my Free Company but Chris X didn’t allow my winning streak to get into a second game….

I love the Hundred Years War as a period but crossbows against longbows was a rude awakening for my brave French ‘gens’.
The sale of all my Napoleonics and surplus Berbers went well. My local post mistress just sighs now instead of asking what I am posting, bloody communist! And so what did I do with the money? Buy more Napoleonics of course but that’s next post! There is a parcel for collection and all is right again with the world! Here’s to Brexit, the formation of a socially conservative, patriotic Christian political party in the UK and Devizes Wargames show! Come and say hello, you know where I’ll be on the LADG competition tables😢



  1. ColinC

    What could go wrong? Where should I start! But i get it, every trip to FSG sees me come back with more figures to sit on the to do pile!
    But good news, french knights finished, swiss pikes need one more unit to give me the max, with Longbows and Halberdiers to add to the mix the French Ordinance is looking good and best of all West Ham’s Dimitri Payet is player of the tournament and will return to the East End a European Champion
    On to Devizes

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    • Three battalions of Later Revolutionary wars French! D Sheppard has painted a number of command groups for me!😄 you haven’t got a copy of Lassale by any chance? Blucher in 28mm otherwise!


      • Colin C

        Yes we’ve got a soft copy, I’ll have it with me at Devizes if you want a copy

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      • Only the Free introductory rules. Have you considered Sharp Practice, the rules were designed for small forces such as yours.

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  2. Brilliant Colin, you are a right diamond geezer! I’ll get you a pint and some stain remover for the Saturday night party at yours!✊🏿


  3. Thanks Ken, I was thinking more a divisional level battle! Blucher is really good but I still want formations to make a difference.
    Cheers though


  4. Woof!. Long time no see. Some amazing painting there. I Especially love the diorama one with the statue and barrels. I miss coming in to Firestorm. I might have to make plans next time I’m on holidays from work. (End of August)

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    • Hi Muttley old pal, I thought you were still in prison! I’m still looking for that church btw! Just been on phone to Nick from Taffs Well clan, loads on over Summer- stay tuned!


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