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Sale of the Century ( well, June 2016 at least!)

What started as tidy up to expose the floor of my ‘daughter’s’ wargame room/ bedroom has now gone into overdrive. When I was young and foolish I started  a Napoleonic Spanish army. The idea was to face off the French revolutionaries but the wind changed and so did my plans. Black Powder seriously underestimates the power of the Spanish infantry. I know you are free to alter the statistics but the lists are the lists! The army’s finest hour was defeating an elite Franco- Polish force under the command of Panzer Pete, who wasn’t best pleased. So. The units are on eBay, run a search on 28mm painted and you will find them. Mention you read the blog and I may throw in a free gift!

All the best

Adios to Spain and the wargames butterfly moves on to Napoleon in Italy……

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