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Great news from the British Historical Gaming Society


Our biggest turnout for Ancients in over a decade!

Yes, it’s true… Ancients wargaming is on the brink of a new renaissance (if that’s not an oxymoron) with a host of new rulesets being published as well as updated versions of some old favourites – and as a result of all this “shiny-shiny newness” the Ancients periods being played at The BHGS Challenge this June 18/19th will witness the largest Ancients field we have at The Challenge seen in over a decade !
This year we have our long-standing regulars FoGAM and DBMM, but this year we have also seen great support from the DBM community with players coming to Oxford from as far as Norfolk and the West Country to support both 15mm and 25mm competitions. New kid on the block L’Art de la Guerre is also making something of a breakthrough into the mainstream after achieving a 16-strong field at Roll call earlier this year.
So far we have 28 players registered to play FoGAM, 18 for DBMM followed closely by L’Art de la Guerre on 17, and a very solid 14 across the two DBM periods. There is still plenty of time to book your place for any of these events, and we also have FoGR, Bolt Action, Blucher and FoW on offer too if you fancy getting a bit more modern.
FoGAM will be an Open theme, DBMM is running Book 3 dates this year (any army legal between 476AD and 1071AD), L’Art de la Guerre is going Dark Ages and both 15mm and 25mm DBM are Open themes, so if you have just gotten back from playing at Campaign in Milton Keynes this weekend, now is the ideal time to open those army lists again and pick yourself a better army than the one that you used this weekend!
Full details of the themes are published on our website, where you can also find a booking form
It’s already looking like everyone else will be there, so we hope you can join us there too as part of the new Ancients Wargaming Renaissance !
The BHGS Challenge

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  1. TWR

    Interesting to see a number of themes being used. Much better than open events, at least in my view.


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