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The Emperor’s New Clothes


We thought that we may have lost him but no, Richard BS is alive and well. I thought I might take advantage of his discomfort and finally beat him on the green table of combat. But no, despite languishing in hospital for weeks, our Richard was back. I had chosen my Feudal Spanish at 250 points for L’Art de la Guerre, Tricky Ricky chose Mongols…….deep joy……



Small but perfectly formed, 250 points gave Richard two commands of six medium Mongol cavalry and a third corps of eight elite heavy cavalry. The strategist rating would allow him to alter terrain but it was the bows of his infamous “shooty cavalry” that I knew would make this “interesting”.

The dice gods placed me as defender. I should have chosen to be the attacker as then I could have advanced rapidly in my first turn. I wanted some terrain on the table though so that meant defender’s terrain. I placed my knights with the hill protecting their flank. A solid wall of spearmen held my centre but the battle would hinge on my elite medium swordsmen (almughavars) careering out of the swamp on my right..

But I should have known better. By the time my almughavars were through the heavy cavalry, my knights and spearmen were like so many pin cushions!

Next time I need crossbows and to be the attacker! Next time…….



    • I should have claimed plus one for mobile allotment! When are you ever going to get over playing Chris btw? I’m thinking of argali sing a “friendly” all Dayer?


    • Two and half hours of side slapping laughs meant it was a draw at the final count Mr Grumpy Air-trousers! Hurry up and paint your Romans! See you tomorrow btw!


    • It’s a frightening thought I know! Yep, he’s a regular. I ‘m not sure you could ever describe it as ‘playing ‘ though! It’s like a few hours in the boxing ring…..

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