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Spring Awakening

Some things never change, two great commanders can’t decide on important matters of state. As last but one in the Pan-European ADLG  rankings, May is the next chance to improve. The venue is BIG in Bristol, a Gamestore I have yet to visit but have heard good things. The last time I visited a store in Bristol was the one in Old Market which was a very different location ( next door to massage parlour “apparently”😡)

 Big Don McHugh and his Clevedon Mafia are the organisers. It is on the official ADLG forum under the “15mm competition in Bristol” thread.  I believe it is however going to be 25mm, details to follow.

Now that means I have to get a move on and finish my 250 point army. Sometimes I do have to admit I lose my painting mojo. The light is bad, the stairs are too steep and the brush too heavy…….I’m over it now, and below is the result, four units of auxilia. I thought I’d go for a generic, “degenerate” Late Rome/ Arthurian look. My plans for the Patrician ADLG “degenerate” legions will I think be unprintable!

I always look amazed at what other gamers can do with the LBM shield transfers. I had a complete nightmare, hence the white borders where I should have matched the transfer colour. I may have better luck with these bad boys,

In this weekend’s Spring clean out I actually found two boxes of Warlord plastic Napoleonic Poles. I’m sure my dear reader has met similar unfinished projects. The sculpts are great but I started to drill the torsos to accept the metal heads. I started but didn’t finish and ended up with what looked like an ISIS LGBT rally😳. So if I buy two boxes of Late Romans and one of Saxons, that will complete the army. Lurking in the garage, beneath die Fuhrer’s purchase radar, was a bag of Roman and steppe light horse so it’s just a matter of will power……

Thanks very much for reading, Tuesday’s clash against Richard BS will be posted this week, along with my newly rebased Normans. Easter is our traditional trip to sunny Norfolk so stay tuned to find out what Rob J has been up to in the flat lands of the East!

Ps Female readers will of course want more photos of competition butterfly Andy ” the Pimpernel” Unwin. He is threatening to get moving on the legendary “Berk-ley Vale” ADLG competition . As soon as this date is decided , Colin “the pilot” and I will publish details of a Cardiff Summer get together. Hope you can attend one or more of these events😉



  1. I hear what you are saying about the painting brother! Painted a couple of naked Vikings in January and nothing since 😩


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