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  They were supposed to be done for Virtus 2015, last December. But, finally, my Late Romans are beginning to get finished! Above, the Angel is telling the camp to mend their ways if they are to defeat the heathens.

Some of Costantine’s army are obviousLy less than moved by the angel’s words.

The generals are obviously more keen to enlighten the pagan host. Hilariously I didn’t read the errata in the L’art de la Guerre rules so bought far too many of my favourite cataphracts. It’s a good job, because I am so mean, that I only use two miniatures for cavalry and Knights, with three figures reserved for cataphracts.

I love these Late Roman uniforms. I stopped converting miniatures about thirty years ago, in favour of getting figures finished. I really enjoyed head swaps and altering these. Westwind heads are recommended.

So, this lot didn’t make Virtus 2015, but they may just make Virtus 2016. Big Don McHugh has just been in touch about an ADLG competition in Bristol in May. I really have to get on with finishing the infantry, maybe by the end of the month?…….

Ps great news, Richard Bodley Scott is much recovered after his recent operation and I will be playing him next Tuesday. Keep in touch for the very latest on the old reprobate’s progress back to “normal”!

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