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Fire and Flurry at Firestorm!

What goes around comes around. Many, many years ago, Fireball Gallacher and I would watch Fire and Fury games at competitions in Reading’s Warfare show. The games were fast flowing and exciting, we decided to “invest”. Thirty years later and John is still deciding on which side to collect! Myself however, I’ve got both sides but found Black Powder a shade “vanilla” for one versus one games. The answer was of course recommended by the Newport sensei of gaming, Mr Lane. Regimental Fire and Fury. With about two hundred figures aside, you get a fast paced game with a real period flavour.

As my minis are based on 40mm squares, a little rebasing maybe needed, although this affects the artillery rather than the infantry. I have also picked up the Fire and Fury variant for Suvorov in the Alps and this uses 40mm squares without any obvious drawbacks. So there we have it, my beloved 28mm miniatures are off to war. The photos of our trial game are below. The icing on the cake was a victory for Chris and I against the Rebs! Do come and join us for our next training session in March. Look out on my Facebook page, Tercio Despertaferres or Cardiff Historical fb, for details. All day games on a Saturday are already being planned……..


Mike Lane’s terrific Rebs weren’t hanging around!

Mike made a mad dash on both flanks but the tough Northerners shredded the Rebs with arty then evicted them from the fence line with cold steel. I love this game!

Unusually for us, the Union deployed in a good position. We had our centre and charged the Rebs when they were in echelon.


      • Richard

        I thought that one was aimed at 15mm scale. How well did it convert to 28mm scale?
        (My AWC stuff is all 28mm).


      • The rules use imperial measurement for distances and base sizes. With a bit of maths you can easily adapt it. The game itself is really good and Uses the concept of stands. So long as your opponent uses similar base sizes, it’s great for 28mm!


  1. Richard

    Thanks, I’m looking forward to use it. Like you’ve said in your blog post, BP feels a little inadequate for this.
    Would you mind telling me which values you’ve converted the ranges to or what conversion factor you’ve used?
    (Here or email on would be very much appreciated )

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    • Morning Richard,
      I’ll email you the base sizes as requested asap. If you go to you can go to “support” and download a quick reference sheet which is specifically for 25mm battles. The napoleonics is on there too, under Suvorov in the Alps QRS, and that is 25mm too. Me, being me, they even have an American War of Independence variant- it’s a great site!
      All the best
      If you are on Facebook, join me on Tercio Despertaferres and you can see my bank balance shrink as the number of projects rises!👍🏾


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