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Normal service will resume…..


Apologies to my regular viewer! My iPad is driving me mad using WordPress! Despite rumours to the contrary, I am still alive. I have fallen a little in love with Facebook, so if you would kindly look for my Facebook page Tercio Despertaferres, I would love to hear from you. I will be posting here too, so keep in touch!

Adios, till we meet again

Mike B

If anyone knows why iPads are so crap in combination with blogs?

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The wild ramblings of an infamous wit and wargames guru. One of nature's true gentlemen who devotes his time to the care of his two sons, i.e. watching episodes of Peppa Pig together, and recreating great moments of military history using toy soldiers. Currently a leading light in The Collectivo Despertaferres wargames and duelling association who meet regularly at Firestorm Games ( formerly Ali Baba's Carpet Warehouse). Find me also on Facebook "Despertaferres"!


  1. Mark

    No, no, no not Friendbookitous Only cure is surgical removal via the nether orifice without any pain killers!


    • As soon as die Fuhrer is on zee manoeuvres I’ll get a laptop and normal service will be resumed! One paragraph is taking an hour with my iPad! If you don’t want spam just do as I do and log in as Keith! We must talk about Blucher this weekend🌚 it’s zee future!


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