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“Dumkopf! Die panzer mussen be much bigger than this!”

With the heady scent of nostalgia in the air, the Lowries and I turned to the battle of the Bulge for the first game of 2016. Who can forget the amazing film of said battle, within which is perhaps the most rousing team talk in cinema ( with the exception of Patton in the film…..erm….Patton!)?


“With thundering engines, as fast as lightning…….”

Dave had chosen the German Armoured recce kompanie with which to race to the Meuse. Special rules in Flames of War allowed him to attack my ambushing American tankers. In the scenario, “Hold the Line”, the only thing (just) visible was my observer Sherman. Brilliantly, the observer’s battery hadn’t arrived yet….

Masterful use of the recce move had Dave’s motorcyclists and half tracks within a few inches of their objective in turn one!

“We roll forward our panzers into the stormy wind!” (Indeed!)

Now as we were all singing, and stamping our feet at this point, the song told Dave exactly what he needed to do……

“When before us a hostile tank appears,

full throttle is given and we close with the enemy”

The panzergrenadiers couldn’t make any headway. The flank attack was held by Pershings. It was time for chip sandwiches and recriminations. True to form, Dave did send the American company commander up in flames in the very last shot of the very last turn. Happy new Year Dave! I can honestly say I have a one hundred percent success rate ( if I never play again this year of course!)


    • That’s what we need to do, a wargamers list of the most loved films! I don’t know what my neighbours will think about me playing Panzerleid over and over again this morning? I’ll put Cross of Iron on this afternoon to ‘even’ things out! 😥😜
      Happy New Year!

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  1. I love lists; I’m compiling my top ten in my head as I type.
    Need to make room for the film I watched last night; a Russian language war film from the Soviet era (c. 1985) called “Come and See”.
    Highly recommend this atmospheric masterpiece of Soviet film making.
    My favourite character has to be the German SS trooper dressed only in his boots, underpants and a vest emblazoned with the Party Eagle; surely the only way to go to war!

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  2. mark

    Got to have Apocolypes Now and Kingdom of Heaven in the Top 10 list Mike and assuming it is ‘historical’ themes only – so no LotR or Star Wars or Aliens or Leaping Tiger, Crouching Dragon … but what about 300?


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