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All Change…….


Any great social movement needs aims that are clear. What is proposed here is a wargames club for the twenty-first century; not confined by geographical limits, committees nor convention. No fees or membership forms, just read this blog and maybe attend one of our events. Christmas is nearly upon us and all the more usual blogs will be listing figures painted and sketching out plans for the new year. As that old rogue Karl Marx pointed out, the point is not to analyse the World, but to change it………if we were a political movement we don’t want to be waving pencils to show our support, we need to be plastering our towns with cartoons.


Above- an artists impression of the Despertaferres Christmas conference.

The plan to set up “our club without limits” needs a calendar. Anxious to avoid nerd rage I have always avoided Facebook as an organisational tool. Let’s face it, ours is not a hobby that all of us want to broadcast to all and sundry. I knew my secret was out when my work colleagues started saluting me at the office party. I wish die Fuhrer would learn to keep her mouth shut when the Creme de Menthe starts to flow. So there you have it, Despertaferres Facebook page will be up by the New Year. There really is no excuse for not getting in touch.

What we are signed up to is an ‘event’ each month. Colin C (above left) is your ‘man’ for the Welsh Open Flames of war this Summer. He will also be part of the Despertaferres Art de la Guerre display team attending Godendag in January. Giac (above right) has been leading the Welsh Bolt Action community for a few years now. We hope to have a one day competition up and running in the Spring. A DBA campaign day and a massive American Civil War Fire And Fury battle are also in development. April is the annual pilgrimage to Salute and in May we have an ECW mega game pencilled in……

So I wish you a Merry Christmas and may the Good Lord keep you safe and happy over the next two weeks. A year has gone so fast and I value all ten thousand hits and visitors. Make a date in 2016 to join probably the first international wargames fraternity. We may not give you the best scenarios, we may not tell you the colour of the 1808 pattern of Shako pom-poms but who else has such cool merchandise ( also available in 2016!) and who else would celebrate Christmas with the most beautiful women carrying assault rifles…….





    • In early consideration of my New Years resolutions, I’m torn between going on a diet or playing more wargames…….so when is Spring Skirmish? 😎

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      • Started holiday season by considering going into office and having an end of year clear up. Thought it might be better to read Simon Schama and paint English civil war figures until three in the morning! Merry Christmas pal!


      • Colin C

        Normally around March/April time , get bloody Xmas out the way and then look at suitable weekend


  1. What a lovely attitude to the season when we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. πŸβ˜•οΈπŸ±πŸ°
    Four of us with Late Roman / Barbarian armies could have the makings for an ADLG theme day before crappy old Rubbish Easter is here!πŸ­πŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽƒπŸŽ„


  2. Great news. I was counting on you being ready, it’s John ” I haven’t had enough time ” Gallacher that I have my doubts about! Hopefully his professional painter could be finished by MarchπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ’€


    • Ken

      would that include his AWI? we need more troops there to pad out mine and James forces, some of these rebellious types would be ideal.


  3. James C

    I guess my Romano British are late Romans with a Welsh tint? Keep painting those ECW types – if you fancy an ECW game over the holidays let me know!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!


    • And very impressive they are too…I’m thinking Aetius and the fall of Rome campaign day in March? And no Welsh!
      In the ECW was there any regs for those coloured ties on their hose? They seem to be usually red, blue or brown/ sand? I’m guessing they weren’t a field sign or unit colour?
      Thanks in advance Colonel Churchill
      Definately up for a game, it’s just being able to sneak out…….


  4. James C

    Hose tie ribbons were non-issue, so feel free to be totally random. I might be able to escape on Thursday, if the carpet shop is open?


  5. Thanks for that, I knew you’d know. I’m not back until Jan 2nd I’m afraid. Book me in for ECW game the Monday after! DBA renaissance in preparation at this very moment!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours


  6. DBA Renaissance??? Don’t you mean a a new set of rules that you have totally thought up without ripping off any other rule sets that may, or may not be commercially available! To totally confuse any WRG copyright lawyers that are reading, the new set of rules is called Renaissance DAB 😎😎😻
    Merry Christmas; let’s hope Santa has a sack load of soldiers.


  7. Sssssssscccccccchhhhhhh! They will never notice. I’m thinking of calling it L’art de la de Bellis flames of wardinis! I don’t think they will recognise the “illustrations” at least! Omg this could be huge!


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