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L’Art de la Guerre Virtus 2015


Steady any ladies in the vicinity, despertaferres releases the exclusive pictures of the prize winners of Virtus 2015. What had started out as a few locals getting together for some Christmas gaming became the most talked about wargames competition held in Cardiff, in December, ever!

It was all made possible of course by these two gentlemen. Colin handled the ICT and was in charge of offensive remarks. Andy Unwin kept order with his tough but fair rules “outbursts”, mainly directed at Chris Jackson. The amazing thing was that over ten players were nominated for the awards.


So James scooped the prize for Gallant Try. Courting favour with his opponents, through showering them with competition points, James is sure to be a favourite for many years to come.


Mark Clarke was the players choice for the most sporting player. He must have a cupboard full of these, with his Chirpy chappie, Brummie wide-boy, diamond geezer image.

Andy Unwin pipped the other ten nominees for best painted army. The photos of the games will be put in the Virtus 2015 “page”. It’s time to leave the monsters of 28mm behind and get ready for the 15mm Godendag competition in the new year. I hope you can join us next year, same time, same place😜



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