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Virtus 2015, the wait is over….

image“Never in the field of miniature combat, has so little been owed to so few,” thus spoke Colin Cavanagh on leaving Firestorm Games wargames Emporium this Sunday. We all left tired  and emotional after what Andy Unwin described as perhaps the most exciting thing that had happened to him since The West Country fatwah was lifted on the author of Cider with Rosie.image

The control centre of Virtus 2015, a youthful Colin Cavanagh, the managing director of East Anglian Frozen Foods,  and a poor destitute old man who came in out of the cold whilst waiting for his bus, in 1996 we believe.


Brad Pitt lookalike, Mr. Despertaferres ignores repeated pleas to extend his legendary anecdotes…

So, without further to do, I give you the final scores…….

First Place.     Don McHugh Nikephorian Byzantines.       43 points

Second Place. Gordon Jamieson   Buyids.                              36 points

Third Place Andy Unwin. Greco-Bactrian.        Also 36 points but minus one for time wasting!

there will be more when WordPress go back to being useable……..





  1. Well … I for one thoroughly enjoyed myself – despite the inane banter and poor showing of my dice … tactics is all I hear you cry! Mutter, mutter, mutter now I am back to researching Hussite War wagons (again)

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  2. You are most welcome to come again my old friend! We better start reinforcing the tables if you intend bringing twenty cannon armed WMDs! What do you think to Don’s idea of themed comps? And, don’t go suggesting all wheeled armies as a ‘theme’ or Colin will bring his ” Geermanns!”


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