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Oh it’s on!


They said it could never be done! Was it possible to get over twenty of the country’s top wargaming personalities to compete under the same roof? Could a venue be found that was large enough? Can any one of us pronounce ‘L’art de la Guerre’ properly, in French? Could an umpire be found man enough to bring order to a viper’s nest of animosity and grudges? Would Colin’s Spectrum 64 handle the data? Would yours truly ever stop prattling on and actually publish the runners and riders?


Virtus 2015 ‘Runners and Riders’

Colin Cavanagh -Nikephorian Byzantines

John Gallacher- Fanatic Berbers

Rob James- Huns

Chris Jackson- Wars of the Roses

Steve Porter- Wars of the Roses too😁

Richard Jones- Feudal English

Andy Unwin- Greco-Bactrian

Dave Pike- Rus

Mark Grizzly – Spartans

Mark Clarke- Mithradities

Richard Young (Saturday) – Pyrric and Andy Whitby( Sunday)- Italian Condotta , Venice.

Richard Bodley Scott- Later Persians

Dave Allen-Gallic

Andy Claxton- Alexandrian Imperial

Don McHugh-Nikephorian Byzantine

Steve Hacker- Romano British

Craig Barr- Classical Greece, Thebes

Nigel Poole- Saxon

Mark Fry- Early Imperial Rome

Gordon Jamieson- Buyids

James Charles-Mycenean

Steve ‘can I just make one last tweak’Price- Late Roman

I am sure you will agree, an absolutely tip-top line up! This is going to be memorable. Firestorm Games are considering laying food on throughout the day now the competition has grown so huge ( details to follow).

I’m so excited! Keep calling back for the very latest competition news!



Firestorm games will be offering a wide variety of food from 9.30 on the Saturday. Christian can make a packed lunch for the Sunday @Β£3.50 -let me know by Monday if you are interested.?πŸ’‚πŸ½




  1. Embarrassingly my Late Romans are still on the painting table! I may have to bring my gallant cabelleros I.e. Feudal Spanish. I liked the idea of us fielding an ‘organisers’ team, we can then blame each other!
    Note to self: increase the prize for Gallant Try😝


  2. You’ll be fine. If I were you, I’d flank them on both sides, at the same time as advancing in the centre, whilst retaining a strong reserve! Or, Just wear boots to cover those vulnerable heels!


  3. Light cavalry Huns not feeling so clever now!
    I’m relying on all of my opponents being very passive…….and knowing the rules βš”βš”πŸ”«β˜ 

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  4. I feel your pain! My feudal Spaniards have just been mowed down by artillery! I may start making big terrain pieces to make the game a whole hour!πŸ˜‚


  5. James C

    Another couple of turns and I think your centre would have had more issues with all those foot knights giving them the good news. Heavy armour and 2HCW…run away now!


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