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I blame Javier Gomez !


Construction of my new wargames army is underway but it is taking a long time!

I hate British Summer Time. For two weeks, I’ve been knackered in the morning, tired in “work” and comatose at home. What started out as a badly thought out scheme to get the British to work harder is now half remembered as a  help to Scottish farmers,or else an attempt to curb road traffic accidents. Why can’t we leave the time alone? I’m never particularly keen to get out of the bed in the morning but these last two weeks have been like wading through treacle. And then I was brought to my senses by, of all things, anger!


Unable to cycle due to chronic laziness, I took the train. Opposite sat a smug faced middle aged woman in a trench coat covered in Communist medals. I was itching to ask what she would feel about someone wearing the badges of the Third Reich, or the worker’s Utopia of China? And that very day , it happened, the pigs met with the humans, British policemen were forceably removing peaceful protesters from the path of Chinese officials. Meanwhile, thousands of Chinese supporters of the regime ‘spontaneously’ arrive to cheer our visitors.


Anarchists in Guy Fawkes masks! You wouldn’t believe it would you! Not since David ‘the Pudding’ Cameron walked into the new Parliament with Scottish MP’s wearing the white rose of the Jacobites, has the old mole of history been so busy. Do our anarchist friends really think that a Catholic terrorist plot would have helped their liberation? They had only to look to Franco’s Spain. Does the “liberator” of Libya and Syria really think that the Scots are somehow the allies of Great Britain?

Who will separate us?

Who will separate us? Despertaferres celebrates the lengthening of Guido!

image image

Then there are the crocodile tears of politicians at Remembrance Day. These are the same politicians who have signed away all Britain’s power to our former wartime adversaries. We would have had more say if we had indeed accepted the Kaiser’s peace proposals before 1918.

The beginning of the end for Great Britain, followed by atheism, Suez and X-factor show trials!

The beginning of the end for Great Britain, followed by atheism, Suez and X-factor show trials!

But the final push to regain my motivation, wasn’t Turkey bombing the heroic Kurds, nor even Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to kneel to the Queen who has done so little to defend us from the E.U., multi-culturalism or Saudi corruption……No, the real reason I’m back on form is because to paint like ‘El Mercenario’ takes so long! His book ‘painting wargames figures’ definately has the right title, it definately is hard to find the time to paint an army in the semi-gloom of British Autumn. His work is fantastic but I’m going back to spray cans. No, my friend, one hour a day painting and a blog post every three days, I promise. I am out of my lethargy and motivated. Now all we have to do is to brick up the channel tunnel and mine our beaches!

Next post,

Next post, “the use of blinds in wargames’

Blinds as in hidden troop markers of course! And with today’s news about Jihadi John, we ask

” Do you think God allows the murderers of aid workers into heaven?”

Tattoo courtesy of my wife.

Tattoo courtesy of my wife.

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    • Thank you comrade. I think I’m going to start a smartly uniformed, highly motivated political cadre determined to represent traditional values! What could go wrong?


    • They would only have to vote for us ‘once’!😊 I thought we might put ‘American Sniper’ on in the village hall to explain our foreign aid policy!


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