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Tourjours L’attaque!


It was Napoleon I think advised the aspiring general to always be aggressive. Well, what was good enough for the old Corsican ogre is good enough for me……


Dave dug in his German pioneers into two forests with minefields in between. He held his “early  war” surprise unit, 50mm anti-tank guns, in ambush. I rushed forward with my Char Bs and infantry. Turn one and the tank commander’s tank was in flames.


My infantry took out Dave’s guns but the pioneers still had to dislodged. The Germans had brought the infamous nine platoons rule to bear so even this ‘victory’ would not count. I brought my Laffs forward to support the reluctant infantrymen.


And then it really started to go badly! Recce armoured cars flamed by engineers, really? I saw my chance on the other flank, rather than lift “gone to ground’ with my Panhards and assault with my infantry, I decided to charge my mobile anti-tank guns into the forest. Six one to Dave the Mole!

image image image image My third game was a real gem. Early war plays very differently from later epochs. It is easier to hit each other because experience is in short supply but cardboard armour still has to be fire powered. We fought long and hard for the objective on top of what I thought was a hill and Mark thought was a plateau! Rob James will be laughing at this. What followed was an epic see-saw firefight in which Mark got the upper hand.


A Polish infantry company next! With four batteries of guns! Oh joy! My opponent was a great character to face. Although he was Mancunian I was able to overcome the language barrier. It is a real pleasure to face such a player, despite the constant beeping from his police tag. The Char B s worked like a tonic, shells bounced off them and before long they were on my opponent’s baseline and mowing down the gallant Polish defenders of the objective.

image image image image

Some how I’d got to fourth place. My thanks to Colin for yet another great weekend of gaming. Looking forward to Spring Skirmish already!

Artist's impression of the journey home in Alun's 2CV!

Artist’s impression of the journey home in Alun’s 2CV!

Despertaferres is sponsored by Cardiff Yoga Centre specialising in the cure of bad backs.




  1. Laughing indeed! Sounds like a great second day. I love how early war plays, it requires a bit more thinking…..or really cheesy tanks😀😀😀


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