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Unconquered Emperor


One of the great joys of wargaming is of course writing and re-writing army lists. To the uninitiated, this involves poring over the lists, deciding what to buy, poring over the lists, buying some more miniatures and so on…….. One added complication this year is that the games in Virtus 2015 are two and a half hours long. The time between rounds will of necessity be short. My answer to freeing up time for the draw between rounds is win or lose in the first hour!

Army number 86 Late Imperial Roman ( Julian at Argentoratum AD357)

Brilliant General- Julian

Four units of the Primani Legion ( heavy swordsmen, impact, with support)

Two light artillery units

Two light infantry bow units


Second Corps- Competent, Severus

Four Auxilia from the Cornuti and Bracchiati ( Medium swordsmen impact and support)

Two legionary units from “other legions” ( Heavy swordsmen impact, support)

Two light infantry bow


Third Corps, competent commander – Innocentius (thank you Mr M Lane!)

Two Equites Heavy Cavalry- impact elite

Two Cataphracts….also elite

Two Alan light cavalry elite. Technically not available until 389 AD but hey😊😉

So there we have it, a strong central legionary command, supported by two small but high quality flank commands. What could possibly go wrong? One hour play maximum!

P.S. BADCON are urgently asking for players to commit to their tourney at the end of February. Commit today!



  1. StevieP

    I know not whether to choose early imperial Romans, ancient Brits or Celts or Republican Romans, or whether to go dark ages, Saxons or Normans….. Off the back of my vast experience of one game of ADG it’s tough to choose.

    More games needed……


    • Hi pal,
      I’m really loving the fact that Roman swordsmen can tear through the barbarians! How did you do against Chris? I thought to play very little apart from ADLG until comp so it would be great to arrange our next one for sometime soon. Dis you see the mid October training day??


  2. Michael Lane


    The name of your third commander should, for authenticity, be INNOCENTIUS who was the Prefect killed commanding the Catafracts at Argentorate under Julian (see Ammianus). He was frequently a sub general in my Late Roman Army under DBM.

    Michael Lane


    • Thanks Mike! I knew you would know! Recreating this army means I can lose all my cavalry, see Innocentius’ cataphracts retreat, and still say I’m only being true to historical precedence!
      We really have to arrange a game sometime soon!
      All the best


  3. I have thought long and hard about the many various combinations of Huns that I could bring to this; should I have the horse closely supported by allied Ostrogoth foot, or perhaps a mix of Hun and allied cavalry giving a real blend of skillful archery and hard hitting heavy horse.
    Nah, I’m just going to go with 26 stands of elite light cavalry and run around like a bunch of hairy idiots….gotta love the Ancients!

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  4. That’s it, I’m bringing a marching fort! I was well impressed with shooty cavalry when last we met but can’t be without my legionary heroes. An evade move will be something to see in 28mm. Painting more ballista this weekend😉


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