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L’Art De La Guerre- Shock-absorber!

Just sometimes, we have to consider just how blessed we gamers are. I really cannot remember a better time to be part of this august community. This weekend has been one positive development after another. Let me explain……


News scoop one

The Godfather of wargaming, the Harold Shipman of Ancients, Mr Bodley Scott has consented to L’Art de la Guerre being part of Wales’ best loved competition, Godendag in Usk at the end of January! Tim Porter must get all our thanks for this one and I personally can’t wait to get back to the good new days at the Glan yr Afon( Hotel in the River for the Saxon community!)


Hot News two

Badcon in February is also dangling the prospect of an ADLG competition in February!!.


Hold the phone number 3

Mr. A Unwin and Mr. K McGlynn are, as we speak, in intense negotiation with yours truly over an L’Art de la Guerre competition here in Cardiff’s Firestorm Carpets! All ready committed are RobJ, JohnG, Chris J, Big Richard and Stevie. The location is provisionally booked for 5th and 6th of December, with the possibility of wargaming royalty, M. Clarke and the legendary Colin Cavanagh attending!


O.M.G. Can it be true?

Tomorrow night I have a conference call booked with ace figure manufacturer, Damion of Donnington “New Error” figures to discuss sponsorship of the above competition with masses of prizes donated by our generous benefactor.


Now this is getting silly!

Mr. A Claxton of the Clevedon Mafia has posted on the ADLG Yahoo group that the much missed Clevedon Competitions may well be returning in the New Year!


I can’t take any more! Stay tuned this week as Rob J and I fine tune our forces for what looks like a vintage six months! If you haven’t ever played L’Art de La Guerre and can’t even bring yourself to pronounce it, then get down to Cardiff’s Firestorm games on a Thursday evening anytime soon!

Build it and they will come!

Lorenzo McAlpino, architect of Pisa’s Tower



  1. Colin Cavanagh

    I like to think of myself as the Salvatore Giuliano of the gaming community and of course I’ll be there, now where can I get a rule book?

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