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L’art de la Guerre Gentlemen’s Get together

imageHow often does the average wargamer return from a gaming competition feeling down and short changed? You spend all that time pouring over arcane lists looking for the latest in uber – competitive ‘cheesiness’, take hours painting and basing, and then the games are a chance to spend three hours with someone who was obviously was, and perhaps is, bullied at school. Well if this situation is familiar to you, then look no further, a change is coming. The lads from    Berkley’ Vale are on the march with everyone’s favourite, the unpronounceable in a West Country burr, ‘ La art de gur’ ( apologies to my vast French readership). Not only that, but certain members of the Clevedon Wargames Club were also seen milling around the tables. My friends, a new era dawns……

Photo courtesy of Slimbridge wildfowl trust.

Photo courtesy of Slimbridge wildfowl trust.

image image

The Thornbury Modelling Show provided an excellent venue, light and spacious with the sound of radio controlled tank fire adding to the authenticity. I brought my Feudal Spanish host. 200 points gets you five bases of elite Knights, six spear units, two crossbow and assorted lights. The beauty of ADLG is of course the size of the armies. My old DBM Fanatic Berber army, rebased for I think the seventh time, gives me enough figures for at least three 200 point ADLG armies. Regular readers will no doubt be aware of my tendency to jump between projects. ADLG gives you enough figures to scratch that particular itch of wanting figures from a period but not having to break the bank, even in 28mm. The keen eyed will note how my jinetes are only one figure per base and Knights two for instance.

image image

It was great to see 28mm miniatures in action once again. Rome was well represented but also Ancient Greece and Assyria. Mark brought the Carthaginians and Keith brought his Bronze Age swamp people collective. My first opponent was of course had to be Jimmy, newly arrived from his new domicile in France appropriately.


I placed my subject spear and javelinmen  in a strong position between a hill and some rough ground. My knights I should have sent on a flank March but instead I decided to face off the Egyptian chariots.


Well much to my surprise, and Jimmy’s consternation, the elite knights sent the skirmishing horse off the table and scattered the Pharoah’s go-carts. However, it was on my left where the action was decided….




My left had crumbled but it was still touch and go in the centre. Jimmy skilfully rolled up the spearwall and it was all over.

image image

Game two and more chariots! Heavy ones this time, Homeric Greek under the command of the Homo-erotic Kevin J! ( I think the predictive text is playing up😚). I had woods on either flank but on the left once more, Kev’s heavy chariots and supporting archers made the Spanish Hidalgos pay dearly.

Oh dear......

Oh dear……

On the right of the Spanish line, my crossbows and javelinmen prevented the chariots closing. In the centre, the Greeks were losing quite heavily and were a few units away from being broken. But then…


The camp is worth four points towards losses in ADLG and the game ended there, amongst the slaughtered sheep! The whole day had been excellent. my thanks to Keith and all my fellow competitors. Well done to Jimmy for winning the prize, I forget who gave him the most points to enable him to claim the trophy.

image image image

I can throughly recommend Thornbury as a date for the calendar. The traders were a very different mix from a typical wargame show. Wargames were on display and very high quality too.

image image

You our will be glad to hear that Berkeley Vale are organising another ADLG competition in Slimbridge in November. We are also trying to arrange another such day in Cardiff before Christmas, so keep an eye on this site!

All the Best




  1. StevieP

    Your words leave me on the edge of my seat. Where can one get a trial game of this soon to be ubiquitous system? (says he who’s already dodges a game!).

    I have Romans and Carthaginians in 10mm and 28mm who’d like to give this a run out….

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  2. I knew you’d crack! If you are down Firestorm Carpets this Thursday, let my people talk to your people and see if we can’t arrange a game! I can’t believe you had all these minis under wraps!


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