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Clash at Camden 1780


Sometimes, just sometimes, everything is right with the world. I’d gotten up early and painted the garden gate so die Fuhrer was momentarily amenable and I was off work so could wargame all afternoon at Cardiff’s Firestorm Carpet Warehouse.image image image imagePaul was coming down from Cheltenham with a boot full of beautifully painted figures and the sun was shining! What could go wrong?

I need more figures😪

I need more figures😪

We were re fighting the Battle of Camden from The Rebellion supplement. I was the Rebel commander and was perhaps surprisingly complacent. My flanks were protected by marshes and Paul, ever the gentleman pointed out that the ridge on my right be a tough proposition. My original plan was to come off this feature and crush the British left composed of weaker Loyalist troops. As things turned out, Cornwallis had other ideas!

Caswell's militia couldn't be expected to hold but would soak up British artillery fire.

Caswell’s militia couldn’t be expected to hold but would soak up British artillery fire.

The restricted size of the field meant that the British right under Webster were peppering the American lines in turn one. Thankfully, although benefitting from “first fire” the numerous hits weren’t converted into casaulties.


image image

If Webster was being aggressive on the British right, the Loyalists on the Left weren’t far behind. The. British Legion and the Volunteers of Ireland poured fire into the Rebels at short range and it was still the first turn…..

Find out if the Rebels can hold out in Part two! Thanks for reading.

Find out if the Rebels can hold out in Part two! Thanks for reading.

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