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We come in peace…….shoot to kill!

imageAll fired up by yet another new period! I managed to grab a few moments to order the figures needed for a two hundred point Indian force for Muskets and Tomahawks. Die Fuhrer was out of the house attending her panel beating course so time was limited, if I’d had gone to Fleabay I could have got twice as many figures for the same price. Sometimes life is like that. Now if only the wife would pop out to her small-bore rifle class, I can finish my English Civil War “investment”.

imageI went for the superb Galloping Major figures. You have to love their sculpting. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to match the above quality of painting but hope to have them ready for a week Thursday. The great thing of course about the current fashion of skirmish games is that such set ups are both affordable and manageable. More discussion on this in my next blog. To demonstrate, my list has one Indian leader, one unit of six Braves and one unit of six Indians. The Braves upgrade should allow this unit to enhance their already good manoeuvre rate. To make up the points I chose two units of five elite savages, veterans of the French and Indian Wars. So, there you have it, rules twenty five pound and just over forty pounds spent on miniatures. As I tell her ladyship, I’m actually saving money by buying a little and often………


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