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Last Thursday of the Month multi-play blood-bath!

Wacht am RhineWacht am Rhine, Ardennes, 19th December 1944.


After doubling back from Stavelot, Kampfgruppe Peiper was becoming increasingly frustrated by their inability to cross the River Ambleve. Peiper needs to get through the town of Stoumont if the offensive to the Meuse is to stand any chance at all. Elements of the American 30th Infantry have been rushed to the area to stop the desperate thrust towards the West.



All forests are inaccessible to wheeled vehicles. The River Ambleve can only be crossed by infantry and amphibious vehicles. The Eastern entrance to Cheneux is blocked by a knocked out Panther. The railway bridge is not passable by tanks or any other vehicles. Light snow has fallen but the early morning mist limits visibility to sixteen inches for the first turn.


Pete, Chris and Ground-penguin are the attacking Germans. 1200 points taken from either Bulge supplement. No air power. To represent the strung out column, only half a command can enter on the first turn from the Eastern edge. The special rule for Peiper is amended, he can    re -roll  one reserve dice per turn.


Note: the ruthless and driven leader of the Germans can be expected to give no quarter. He was brought up on a diet of the harshest military combat and flirted with extreme right wing politics. Pete now currently lives quietly in Llandaff with his mum. Above is an image of Peiper!

Ian and Giac will be on table , anywhere apart from two foot from the Eastern table edge (1200 points) I will be entering from the Ranier road with delayed reserves. The bridges cannot be blown.

Victory Conditions

Peiper to capture a majority of the victory locations after two and a half hours of play i.e. Cheneux station, Cheneux bridge, Cheneux town, Stoumont town and Chateau de Fronde-Coeur.

Starting engines at 19.00 hours!

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