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Evicting the Gringos from the Puebla!

imageWith our cannons blazing, our attack was making good progress. A few stray rounds felled some gun crew members but the advance of our right wing was a sight to behold. In order to nullify the American fire superiority, Dave threw his cavalry at the line of light blue ahead. The American infantry levelled their muskets and emptied many a saddle. The brave riders fell back to regroup. The other squadron charged through a wall of grape. The quick firing horse artillery would not be moved. A second squadron was on its way back to camp!

The assault


With the Mexican horse reeling from the American fire,  it would be left to the infantry to carry the position.  A battalion in line poured lead into the American horse artillery whilst an assault column formed up ready to assail the Yankees. However, despite the brigadier personally leading the column the nervous peons would not close.


It always astounds me how much depends on leadership and personality to decide a battle. How would the Americans respond to the massed attacks on their left? JonG had placed his battalions behind the Adobe walls of the fields and here they remained. Defying military convention, JonG ordered his artillery forward and then without deploying, they returned back to their original position! Masterly! But, Jon”Fireball” had not finished, the elite US dragoons we’re off on a ride around the whole Mexican army. Skirting the cactus prairie and avoiding contact, they positioned themselves at the rear of the Mexican army , and waited……and….waited?


Fearing their ferocious charge, the Mexican infantry formed square , holding the dragoons off whilst their artillery creaked forward.


There is nothing that inspires more than enemy sabres behind you! Our left hand brigade added its weight to the assault on the village. The U.S. defenders held out from their bullet riddled shanties, taking to the rooftops to pour fire onto Dave’s left hand assault column.


Whilst JonG was content to shadow box with his dragoons,  the American left was in dire straits. The gunners of the horse artillery abandoned their pieces and the supporting infantry fixed bayonets and charged the advancing Mexican horse and infantry. The two sides fought each other to a standstill but the village had fallen and the Mexicans were poised to move on to the waterhole.  The Americans conceded. It had been a hard-fought memorable game. Thanks to Nick for all his hard work. Of course, Texas joining the U.S. did upset the balance between North and South and that will be next week’s project!


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