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Preparations for an uncivil war…..

imageSo, we are in a time of great social and political change. Anthony Smedley was annoying the vicar of Burford just before Cromwell’s troops when over to Ireland to deal with the King’s supporters there. Again, the events were dramatic and far-reaching, if that is not too much of an under-statement. Religion, then as now, motivated both sides.


Turning to to the army lists in Warlord games “Pike and shotte”, we find that the troops for the early Royalist forces are pretty “vanilla”. I must admit that I absolutely love the Black Powder “light-hearted” approach to wargaming  but , for a slightly more detailed guide to relative numbers of troops, I moved to another old favourite,  “De Bellis Renationis” army lists for the great rebellion.  The  vision of reckless, aristocratic cavaliers ‘ chomping at the bit’ to upset the pudding bowl parliamentarians is so attractive ! I knew I wanted most of the army to be these characters despite my own political convictions. It is always amusing to see how wargames armies are chosen. In my own case it is the ferocious bravery of these troops that is the attraction. It is also to be remembered that my Numidian ancient army was entitled ‘the First North African Panzer Division,” for the way in which I hurled it at the enemy ,mostly to defeat, in every possible wargame scenario.

Using both sources, I thought that an early Royalist force for 1641-1643 might reasonably contain; ( points for Pike and Shotte)

King Charles@58 points,  his elite cavalry Lifeguard unit@53points, two cavalry commanders@80 points, six standard units of “gallopers”@ 234points, one unit of dragoons@35 points, one King’s guard pike unit with two musketeer units, one large pike unit with two standard musketeer units and finally one standard pike unit with two standard musketeer units. These units plus a large unit of fire lock commanded shot and a light gun brings the total force to a shade under 800 points.

imageWhat could go wrong?

Next, basing the miniature army and shots of the units I’ve already completed. Thanks to David Sheppard for preacher and Steve Dyer for Charles .

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  1. I feel the need to compliment this with my own contribution from Pike & Shotte, and given where I’m sitting whilst writing this, it has a strong Eastern Association feel about it.
    So, a bevy of generals headed up by Edward Montagu, a general of truly mediocre abilities, but supported by Oliver, Lawrence Crawford and Henry Ireton. This weighs in at 185 points; costly!
    The Horse consists of a unit of Cuirassiers (because I’ve painted them) and two units of Ironsides (because I know it will annoy you :)). Cost of the Horse is 173 points.
    The Foot is made up of four units of pike, each with two wings of musketeers, and a unit of commanded shotte with firelocks. Cost of the Foot is 387 points.
    The Ordnance is two light guns and a medium gun, because I’ve always liked heavy metal. The cost of which is 55 points.
    Going for the firepower with this list…hope you like it!


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