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Desperta ferres o desperta plomo!

The battle cry of the fearsome Catalan company, “Awake Iron” has been appropriated by this blog. More properly, the blog should be entitled, “desperta plomo” or awake the lead, as my intention is to breathe life into my myriad wargaming projects. Far too many project note-books have been lost/ filled/ ripped up in frustration in the past. Like most wargamers, I have to admit being a bit of a lead butterfly, flitting between historical periods on a whim. To this day, I don’t know why I collected a squad of Japanese infantry for Port Arthur alongside mounted Vikings?

Well, all that is the past, with 2015 nearly upon us, I thought it time to get organised. I thought I might display my endeavours to a wider audience in order to seek advice and maybe encouragement.

Steve Dyer's Bonaparte

Steve Dyer’s Bonaparte



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